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    Changes from last fall’s template have been highlighted in yellow so they can be easily identified.  If you are using one of your previous syllabi as a template, please review the current version to ensure that the most up-to-date polices and links are represented in your syllabus.



    As you complete your syllabi, please remember that there is a minimum expectation of office hours per credit hour. Please see CBAPPS 03.01, Office Hours for Faculty. In addition, your syllabi must include the information requested on the syllabus template. To view drop/withdrawal dates, visit the academic calendar website

    Also, although it is not required, departments, schools, colleges, and instructors may choose to add the following statement on course syllabi from AA/PPS 02.03.01.

    Mental health issues can diminish academic performance and may affect students’ ability to participate in activities. The Counseling Center at Texas State provides free and confidential mental health services on both its San Marcos and Round Rock campuses. For additional information, visit the Counseling Center’s website or call 512.245.2208. Additional resources are available at

  • If you have any questions about the tool or how it works, we are happy to help:
    Sabrina Heatherley – Course Materials Manager
    Helena Fairhurst – Course Materials Lead
    Cole Johnson – Store Director
    Phone: 512-245-2273
    Watch a Follett Discover demo video to learn more


  • The department will start to generate the evaluation packets about a month before finals. Results will be after grades have been posted in the summary booklet. You will be notified via email once they are complete. 

    UNDERGRADUATE & GRADUATE COURSES: Students should be allowed approximately 15-20 minutes of class time at the beginning of class to complete the Student Perceptions of Instructor evaluation form. In the McCoy College of Business Administration all instructors, lecturers and faculty are required to give student evaluations every semester in every class.

    The evaluation process requires privacy and confidentiality. Faculty should not remain in the classroom, nor receive or deliver completed student evaluations.

    FOR NIGHT CLASSES: Have the student slip the envelope under the door of MCOY 529A (in front of the dean’s office by the elevators). Round Rock campus, please have student deliver the envelope to Barbara Herdman, office 464-J, prior to 7:30pm.

  • A grade of “I” is assigned for one reason only: failure of a student to complete a vital portion of a course (final examination, paper, etc.) because of a situation beyond the student’s control. Additionally, the automatic “W” deadline must have already passed. If the automatic “W” period has not expired, the student should be advised to withdraw from class rather than assigning an Incomplete.  

    Must complete an Incomplete Grade Form.

    A copy must be distributed to the following:

    1. Student

    2. Instructor

    3. Department

    4. Dean's Office

    From AA/PPS 02.03.12 (Formerly 4.07)

    • 03.01: The “I” grade is treated as a non-punitive grade for one calendar year. At the end of the year, a roster of “I” grades to be converted to “F” is sent to the chair of each department. Unless the chair notifies the Registrar in writing to retain an “I,” the grade will be converted to “F” and will be computed in the student’s GPA. An “I” grade given when a student is called to active military duty is an exception and is described in AA/PPS No. 02.02.20, Schedule Changes, Drops, and Withdrawals.
    • 03.02: In agreeing to award an “I” grade, an instructor may notify the student of a deadline that is shorter than one year. If the deadline is not met, an “F” may be awarded at the instructor’s discretion.
    • 03.03: When the work is completed, the instructor should complete a “Change of Grade” request via the Change of Grade application.

    Upon agreeing to award an "I" grade and after conferring with the student, the instructor must fill out an Incomplete Grade Form (see above).

    When the work is completed, the faculty member should sign off the Incomplete Grade Form for the student that was retained in the department documenting fulfillment of requirements and submit a change of grade online located in CatsWebs.

    Academic Departments should hold the Incomplete Grade Form until the grade is changed by the Office of the University Registrar.

  • That process is now completely online via the Change of Grade application. The link to the application can be found on the Faculty & Staff webpage of CatsWeb under the “Faculty Menu” section.

    A user manual which provides step-by-step instructions on how to process a change of grade can be found by clicking the “Help” button on the homepage of the Change of Grade application.


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