Texas State Wins Top 10 Team Honors at National Collegiate Sales Competition

Student at virtual NSCS competition

San Marcos, Texas State University — Nearly 140 college students from 70 universities competed for honors at the 21st Annual National Collegiate Sales Competition (NCSC). Hosted by the Coles College of Business at Kennesaw State University March 27-30, 2020, the decision was made to conduct the first virtual competition, rather than cancel the annual competition due to travel restrictions.

The students are not just competing for the title of champion. They are also competing for job offers from Fortune 500 recruiters from across the world. The NCSC has become an annual hot spot for recruiters who want to hire the top professional students in the United States. Over 1400 sales students attended the virtual career fair, held in conjunction with the competition, on March 31, 2020.

The NCSC, the world’s largest collegiate sales competition, pits top sales students in a test of live role-play, one-on-one sales call challenges. Each sales call is broadcast live to where college faculty from across the country and recruiters from sponsoring companies participate as judges and evaluate each student’s performance. This year, the venue was completely virtual for both students and judges. Adding the technology learning experience to the already rigorous standards of the competition was both challenging and rewarding.

NCSC student

The role play sale was a business-to-business sale from a Gartner consultant (the students) to a Chief Information Officer (CIO). Founded in 1979, Gartner is the leading research and advisory company in the world. They provide business insights, advice and tools to 16,000 clients in 100 countries and are a member of the S&P 500.

Each undergraduate team has two members whose cumulative scores are tallied through each of four consecutive rounds of role play selling over a three-day period. Corbin Douds placed first in the opening round and advanced immediately to the Quarter Final Round. Chelsea Fuchs went to the Wild Card round after the opening round and won it, advancing to the Quarter Final Round. She then won that round, and advanced to the Semi-Final Round. The students’ combined scores allowed Texas State to bring home the trophy for eighth place overall. The significance of the Texas State Sales Center placing in the Top 10 teams at the competition is continued strong support from corporate partners who hire the students for career positions.

Chelsea Fuchs, who was in the Semi-Final Round, had this to say,

"The 2020 National Collegiate Sales Competition is an experience that will continue to show its value. This opportunity is unlike any other, giving competitors the knowledge, resources and practice to excel as a salesperson. This year's virtual competition truly highlighted the flexibility and adaptability that is needed within the sales field, and for this I am beyond grateful. I credit my success within this competition to my coaches, team and the Texas State University Center for Professional Sales. The numerous hours put in each week to prepare would not have been possible without their support. Ultimately, I am comfortable and confident now more than ever knowing I have found the right profession. The excitement I feel for my future in sales is unmatched thanks to the National Collegiate Sales Competition!"

Well-known companies participated, including Liberty Mutual, Henry Schein, Tom James and Gartner, the product sponsor for this year. Previewing elite up-and-coming sales talent who can add value to the companies’ respective organizations is the primary reason for their involvement. Additionally, the excellent companies listed above also partner with Texas State University’s Center for Professional Selling.

Corbin Douds, who was in the Quarter-Final Round, added the following observation.

“The National Collegiate Sales Competition is the culmination of the effort put forth by sales centers at universities all across the country. As a result, countless hours are required in order to become equipped with the skills and ability to succeed at the event. Prompt and focused preparation early in the year allowed us to adapt to the online environment that quickly arose only weeks before the competition. The support and mentorship provided by the faculty within the sales center at Texas State continues to cultivate and development students who are immediately ready for the workforce. Through training for this prestigious event, we developed lifelong skills that have set the foundation for our careers in sales moving forward, while also setting us apart from other students entering the workforce.”

Rounding out the team were Speed Sellers, Zachary Turov, Sierra Farmer, Kendall Stovall, and Alexandria McWilliams, along with Mickey Schneider, the undergraduate coach, and Sarah Grizzle, the graduate coach. The faculty coach was Vicki West, Director of the Center for Professional Sales.

About NCSC

Inaugurated in 1999, the National Collegiate Sales Competition (NCSC) is the largest and oldest sales role-play competition in existence. Its mission is to enhance the practice and professionalism of the sales profession. Each year, the NCSC hosts the top collegiate sales talent and sales faculty from the most elite university sales programs in North America. Sales students are provided a venue for sharpening their sales skills in a highly competitive environment and networking with their peers and sales faculty from across the United States. NCSC corporate sponsors have the opportunity to network with and preview the elite talent and greatly contribute to their education and careers in the sales profession. For more information, visit www.ncsc-ksu.org.